Slime Wave – Jenna Lovely, Gina Devine & Gabriella Gucci


, & – A Fine Time With Wine And Strap-Ons
Released: January 14, 2013

SlimeWave is where hot ass Eurobabes come to get covered in filthy, nasty cum, and this update has a triple load of it! We start out with and drinking some wine together and acting nice and classy, but as soon as short haired Gabrielle Gucci enters the scene things take a turn for the nasty lesbo hardcore! Gabrielle, dressed to impress in a shiny black suit with tie and all, is about to try her pussy and mouth on two strap-ons, because Gina and Jenna are both rocking a mega cock-monster attached tot heir crotches, and once Gabrielle’s pants are ripped around her pussy hole she starts going on a fuck-ride that even some hardcore guys couldn’t give her! However, if you know anything about SlimeWave you know it’s not just about the hardcore lesbo…no, no, no, there’s way more at stake here, and once both of those strap-ons start blasting the entire room with cum, all three of these chicks find themselves totally drenched in creamy nastiness, going from classy looking Eurobabes to absolute, cum drenched, barely recognizable freaks! Grab some wine and see just how insane this SlimeWave trio gets!!


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