Mommy Blows Best – Krystal Summers


– Mommy Blows Best
Released: February 9, 2013

Superstar MILF wants to be the shy ingenue and play the ‘I’ve never done this before’ card. So what do you do with a famous MILF pornstar who wants to pretend to be a shy first-timer? Treat her like a dirty bitch and make her show you how far she can deepthroat your cock. It only takes a few minutes for Krystal to show her true colors and turn into a cock chugging mommy who wants to swallow until her nose is pressed up against a set of rock hard abs and the tip of some young stud’s cock is tapping on her tonsils. Krystal dropped the shy girl act as soon as she tasted that first drop of salty cum. We love ya, Krystal!


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