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The Upper Floor – Veruca James & Dakota Skye


& – The Reluctant Slave
Released: November 21, 2014

When prudish blonde housewife is taken to The Upper Floor she is made into a slave slut by House Slave . demonstrates the proper manners of a slave: sucking dick and taking it in every hole. is put the test, electrocuted, clothes-pinned, made to gag on cock, and fucked hard.

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Pink Velvet


Cast: , Rose, , , , , James, , Stokely,

Lez au naturel.

Kim Kane puts a whole new spin on girl/girl sex in this hip, young, sexy, fresh all vignette pussy-fest. The prettiest girls, the coolest fashions and the nastiest sex make this a must for the lesbian watcher. It’s not just all-girl… it’s all-new. Pink Velvet. Hot meets haute, as only Kim Kane can do.

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Real Time Bondage – Veruca James


James – James in strict rope bondage tied up and double penetrated by big dick, pounding anal!
Released: November 25, 2014

The punishing conclusion of James’s live BaRS show! We have used her hard in all her holes and fucked her limp. long ago lost the ability of coherent thought. She is cumdrunk and completely blasted into sexual subspace. There is only one thing left to do with this well fucked bag of holes…stuff her pussy and ass full of hard cock at the same time until her brains melt. We do a quick bondage tutorial on ’s flawless breasts before positioning her on our fuckbed. At all times, this lucky slut will be full of dick. Her mouth, pussy and ass are used in rotation, using whichever hole we so desire. This is what she was put on the planet to do. Epic drooling deepthroat, pussy pounding and brutal punishing anal on huge black dick. She loves it. We stuff her like a turkey as her eyes roll into the back of her head. She cums hard and fiercely as the cocks take her pussy and ass simultaneously. is ragdoll fucked without mercy all over the bed. Her hair hangs in a tangle, her makeup is destroyed and she is covered in her own drool and sweat. The pretty porn star that first stepped foot on our stage is long gone. In her place is a sexual animal. We love the honesty of her destruction. Always a pleasure !

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Peep Show # 5


Cast: , James, , Legend

The dirtiest show on Earth!

’s porno vacation gets her a deep anal dicking & face full of cum. Rock ‘n Roll!

Brooke & her big tits are hungry for pork, lucky for her Swiney’s holdin’ plenty of thick-sliced bacon! Pigsauce FTW!

With her pussy in control, ’s ‘vanilla’ is the sweetest in XXX!

Blasian beauty let’s Swiney unload inside her teenage pussy before begging for a 2nd dose of hog-venom!

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Real Time Bondage – Veruca James

– Pale stunner bound with belts, gagged and assfucked without mercy by BBC!
Released: November 18, 2014

The pace is ramping up and our pale refined starlet is dizzy and dazed. The pacing of BaRS shows are relentless and without mercy. Every position gets harder and more punishing and we are onto part three of our show. We have used ’s mouth and pussy, pounding out her holes until they were custom fitted. Time to take the ass. Bound with belts in a classic fuck me position that keep her toes pointed up towards the ceiling, ’s holes are wide open and ready for use. She can not shut her legs on us or escape the dick. A big black ball gag is wedged firmly between those pouty blow job lips. He firmly tied breast look ready to pop and she wears the cock ruined remains of her porn star makeup. We step up and make full use of those tempting holes. One after another, the hard cocks plunge in balls deep. We take the pussy to start, just because we can not resist, before moving onto the ass. 10 inches of BBC own her hole as sputters and cums around her ballgag. We add in a vibrator and keep the orgasms cumming. It is a ruthless plundering of her tight ass by big dick. Today is about an overloading of the senses, orgasms and bondage and dick until can not remember her own name. In the spirit of that, we rip out another orgasm via finger banging her well used pussy. cums again as her eyes glaze over. We have one more position left and we are not done with this well fucked starlet quite yet. Stay tuned for part four…


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Hard X – Veruca James


– DP Me 2
Released: November 14, 2014

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Real Time Bondage – Veruca James


– Sexy tattooed deepthroat expert shackled onto vibrator and used hard by 10 inch BBC!
Released: November 11, 2014

In part two of our fast paced live BaRS show, the destruction of continues. This deepthroat expert is already dazed and confused from the dick and we are just getting started. BaRS shows are relentless and fast paced with no mercy, no breaks. Most do not qualify to step foot on the stage, but most definitely qualifies. She can take a ten inch dick to the face without blinking, Lucky for her, we just happen to have a 10 inch dick here today. With her pale perfect breasts still tightly bound, is shackled to a custom made wooden bondage device that keeps her arms stretched high over her head. A vibrator is bolted down in place between her bound thighs. And then it is on. One after another the hard cocks step up and make full use of her mouth as the vibrator does its job on that tight pussy. is already a destroyed mess from the first position of her live show, and it is only going to get worse. Drool pours out of her well used mouth hole and coats her breasts, running down to her vibrator simulated pussy. She cums hard and fiercely as her eyes glaze over. 10 inches of BBC slam home balls deep and takes every inch without protest. This is only the second position. We are but halfway done. By the time we are done with this one, will be lucky is she can walk in a straight line. Today is a day she will not be forgetting anytime soon…

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Doctor Adventures – Aaliyah Love & Veruca James


Love & James – Medical Deviants
Released: November 9, 2014

With Love’s regular physician retiring, she got her the choice of two new “doctors”. But it’s just naive ’s luck that her new practitioners care more about ogling and fondling her perfect body than treating her. Dr James could hardly keep from squeezing and playing with her new patient’s big round butt, or her licking at ’s pink asshole. As Dr. D fingered and licked ’s pussy, things got hot, and her doctors double-teamed her on the examining table. With sitting on her face and Danny pumping away with his huge cock, got an epic threesome from these sexual deviants.

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Real Time Bondage – Veruca James


– Sexy restrained in tight hogtie, brutal breast bondage and epic messy deepthroat!
Released: November 4, 2014

is the sort of slut anyone would dream of having. Pale, elegant and stunningly beautiful with an eyewateringly epic skill at deepthroating, is the perfect sexual submissive. She craves the roughest of handling and the tightest of bondage. Only the very best are qualified to do a BaRS live show. is one of the best. Today is the day we destroy her. We start off with having our pet strip off and reveal that perfect body. Next we use thin leather strips to bind up those perky breasts into tight cupcakes. That strict breast bondage will come into play in a little while. Then we tie into a brutal wrists to ankles hogtie and add in a hair tie to finish it off. is suffering on top of her tightly bound tits and we ’t even started yet. The introduction of 10 inches of BBC into the back of her throat is what sends her over the edge. What follows is an utter destruction of a bound face pussy. Every thrust sends pressure onto ’s bound breasts. The pain keeps her focused as one after another hard cock runs a train on her mouth. drools and sputters as she takes the dick balls deep. The drool pours out and her eyes glaze over as she spirals gratefully into sexual subspace. This is only the first scene. BaRS live shows are brutal and relentlessly fast paced. There are 3 more positions to go, and all of her holes to be filled. Enough warmup, time for the main course. We drop down to her knees and have her assume a slave position, her tongue out and her mouth open, signaling her eagerness for the dick. This one is a keeper, isn’t she?

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Office Secrets # 2


Cast: Soffie Valdez, Miley May, Dahlia Sky, James

Nothing cheers you up from a long hard day of work than a good fuck session at work! These office sluts don’t want to wait till the end of the day for a good plowing, they want hard dick now at work and they want it rough! Going to work has never been this good!

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