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Pretty Petite


Cast: Love, , , Calvert, James,

Featuring Love!

Elegant Angel presents ‘Pretty Petite,’ a movie devoted to the love we have for the girl next door. Featuring the likes of Love, , Calvert, , James, and Ashlee Graham. Enjoy!

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Cumshot Eruptions # 2


Cast: Reid, , , Jaymes, , , , , , , , , O’Reilly, , , , , , , , , Montana, , Katie St Ives, Del , ,

Featuring Reid!

Volcanoes. Geysers. Guitar virtuosos. These are all things that erupt with tremendous fury and spectacle. But nothing in this world is more visually striking and powerful than witnessing a Cumshot Eruption blast all over a beautiful woman’s face and body. So get comfortable, and prepare to marvel for more than 2 hours at the sight of porn’s hottest stars drenched in cum!

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Whale Tail’n # 5


Cast: , James, , ,

From out of the deep blue jeans comes five sexy Whale Tail’n sluts that will lure you in with their low riders and sexy thongs and leave you gasping for air.

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Sexually Broken – Veruca James


James – Pretty pale James gets shackled, throatboarded and totally destroyed by two big cocks!
Released: 15, 2014

There is a reason we keep having James back. There is almost an honest purity to her dedication to the dick. She doesn’t hold back an ounce of herself. The commitment and fervor she gives to every scene is unmistakable and radiates off the screen. It is no wonder we keep wanting to play with this pale raven haired beauty. We start off with shackled by her wrists and neck to a custom made wooden bondage device. Leather ties bind and jut out her perfect breasts. Metal pipes bolted to the floor keep her lean legs spread wide. The position and angle of the device keep ’s head at the perfect position for throatboarding. The set up is beautiful in its simplicity. We are going to drill her pretty little skull right into the wooden board. The metal neck shackle prevents from shifting or moving her head away. She can not escape the dick. Makeup, meet cock. I wonder who will win? (Trick question. Dick wins every single time.) Once ’s pale body is oiled down to a fine gleam, it is on. In a relentless, pounding, reshaping of ’s throat meat. The cock slams in to the hilt and makes itself at home. is an extremely well trained slut, and her dedication to cock worship shows. Long after many would tap out, hangs in determinedly, chasing that light headed sub space one gets from brutal deep throat. Drool and deep back of the throat spit runs out of her mouth and down her bound breasts. All the while the vibrator is ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her cunt. The cocks run a train on her mouth. is totally destroyed. The pretty porn that stepped foot on our stage has been replaced with a drooling, sweaty, cummed out shell of a slut. Her makeup is long gone, completely conquered by cock, her hair is trashed. Her eyes are glazed over and locked off in that far of place of sexual bliss. There is no more perfect candidate for throatboarding then James-she LIVES for this sort of thing.

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1000 Facials – Veruca James


James – 1000 Facials
Released: 11, 2014

Oh my! Oh my! We are privileged to have James on deck today! This inked, burning hot, babe loves taking loads on her face which makes her absolute perfection as far as we are concerned!

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Everything Butt – Isis Love, Veruca James & Allison Moore


, & – Anal Butt Sluts
Released: 29, 2014

and get sexually dominated and ass fucked by !

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All In The Family


Cast: Aidra Fox, Crane, , James

When a woman realizes that tutoring her stepson isn’t enough motivation for him to pass his classes, she offers sex as the ultimate incentive. A young woman challenges her stepfather to fulfill her wildest fantasies by leaving him a series of provocative notes, each with their own illicit instructions. After her stepfather becomes frustrated that she’s turned his man cave into a make-out location, a young woman comes up with a tempting solution that benefits everyone. A party-going college girl challenges her stepbrother to lead a more adventurous life, only to discover that he’s more of a bad boy than she could have ever imagined

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Hardcore Gang Bang – Cherry Torn


’s Obsession
Released: 23, 2014

Ritchie was searching for a peaceful place to write. He thought he had found the perfect home But he wasn’t expecting, . As soon as she laid eyes on Ritchie she was obsessed. At first her interest seemed harmless, but flattery soon turned to fear. Because if doesn’t get her man she’ll tear him to pieces. After watching him fuck , she steals a condom full of his cum, and in a fit of jealousy sets out to frame him. For her plan to work, it has to be wild, it has to be rough, it has to be a hardcore gangbang! She picks up the fellas and takes them to her house where they destroy her with their 5 rock hard cocks. Rough sex, humiliation, choking, throat fucking, anal, DP, sensory deprivation, and bukkake! What she does next, Ritchie could never have seen coming!

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Hog Tied – Veruca James


James – Molested Puppet
Released: June 26, 2014

James is my little bondage puppet. I take her out of her box and play with her all day long. But I am rough with my toys. I like to molest them, slap them around, dangle them from strings, and do dirty things to their private parts. Poor suffers my ministrations so beautifully, that one might think she likes it.

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Nylons # 13


Cast: , Davis, , Shevon

These stunning slut’s legs are like candy, wrapped in beautiful packaging in the guise of silky smooth nylons!

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